I have a simple system for organizing recipes.  I try out recipes I find in cookbooks, blogs, magazines, whatever.  When one hits I do the following.

  1. Take a picture of it.
  2. Write down a list of the ingredients I wouldn’t typically have stocked.
  3. Email the above plus a link to the recipe (or what page in what cookbook) to myself.

Because the time you really need recipes is when you are shopping and you see, say some really good looking okra and you need to know what else to get.  You pull out your iPhone, you search for okra in your mail folders, you get a picture and a list of ingredients.  You go home and cook.

The picture is absolutely key.  Think of your cookbooks at home.  Which recipes do you most often cook?  Its the ones with the beautiful photos in the middle of the book.  The photo reminds you how yummy its going to be.  Wouldn’t you love to cook this tonight?