I have always preferred Guinness at the warmer temperatures I have had it served to me in Britain.  And I always assumed that 45-50F was the recommended serving temperature.  That is why I was surprised to see this:


I assume that this is US-specific marketing.  In the US, beer is always served ice cold and the marketing around this fact can be hysterical.  I once remember an advertisement for Miller Genuine Draft which claimed that it was the “coldest.”

Anyway, does anybody know what temperature Guinness is served, say in Ireland?  And on these new bottles with the “widget” and the nitrogen, does it also read “Serve Extra Cold” where you live?

(In the background is guacamole made in a molcajete.  Grind 1/2 white onion, chopped, one jalapeno diced, and a small handful of cilantro in the bottom of the molcajete, with some kosher salt.  2 ripe avocados and the juice of one lime.  Mash the avocado with the onion/cilantro/chile using a plastic fork.  top with some more diced white onion and chopped cilantro. no tomatoes!  Pair with… well duh.)