Joking.  Its a huge development for economics and open access publishing:  the Econometric Society and the Society for Economic Theory have agreed to bring the journal Theoretical Economics into the ES fold.  A little background:  about three years ago, these people had the bold plan to launch a new field journal for economic theory and to make it free in every sense of that word.  We wanted to show that an open access journal could also be a top journal.

The Econometric Society has recognized our success and is seeing the light on open access.  What better way to bring open access to the mainstream than to become the field journal of one of the oldest and most respected professional societies in economics.

I think one of the most entertaining ironies of this experience is that now economics (you know: laissez faire, maximize profits, invisible hand) is one of the very few disciplines which has a top journal that is fully open access.

Here is the announcement.