The season finale of Bachelor Pad featured a surprise twist.  The share of the prize money would be decided by a “keep” or “share” Prisoners’ Dilemma-style game.  $250,000 was at stake and the last standing couple, Dave and Natalie, could split the money if they both chose Share.  If one of them chose “Keep” then he/she would take all the money for him/her-self.  If they both chose “Keep” the $250,000 would be shared among all the contestants who were previously eliminated from the show.

What makes this game different from the Golden Balls game is that the decision to Share doubles as a signal to be a faithful partner in their post-show everlasting love.

The clip below is a bit long, but the highlight comes in the middle when the loser bachelor(ettes) give their game theoretic analyses while Dave and Natalie go into separate rooms to prove theorems.

Thanks to Charles Murry for the pointer.