Arthur Robson is going to be sitting in with us this week.  I have written a lot about Arthur and his work, if you just enter his name into the Cheap Talk search bar you will find a lot of interesting stuff to read.  Arthur is an economist who has written on various areas in economic theory and who today is the main driving force behind an emerging field of biology and economics.

Here is a link to a recent conference he organized with a bunch of interesting papers.  At that conference, Balazs Szentes thanked the organizers, Arthur and Gary Becker, with a speech like this (paraphrasing from memory):  “Everyone thinks Becker is such a great pioneer but really he is so risk-averse.  He invented like 20 fields just hoping that one or two of them would take off.  Arthur on the other hand is the real hero to economics.  He was doing perfectly fine writing about normal theory and then he completely and permanently screwed up his career to pursue this biology and economics stuff.  So thank you.”  (Both Becker and Robson were present and both took it as the compliment it was intended to be.  We are still hoping to get video of that.)

So thank you Arthur.