1. If you have a blog and you write about potential research questions, write the question out clearly but give a wrong answer.  This solves the problem I raised here.
  2. When I send an email to two people I feel bad for the person whose name I address second (“Dear Joe and Jane”) so I put it twice to make it up to them (“Dear Joe and Jane and Jane.”)
  3. If you have a rich country and a poor country and their economies are growing at the same rate you will nevertheless have rising inequality over time simply because, as is well documented, the poor have more kids.
  4. Are there arguments against covering contraception under health insurance that don’t also apply to covering vaccines?
  5. The most interesting news is either so juicy that the source wants it kept private or so important that the source wants to make it public.  This is why Facebook is an inferior form of communication:  as neither private nor fully public it is an interior minimum.