Dan Ariely, Chris Anderson, Hal Varian and others are heading Startup-Onomics: a Behavioral Economics “Summit” for entrepreneurs.

What is behavioral economics?

As business owners, we want to design products that are useful, we want customers (lots of them), and we want to create a motivating work environment. But it’s not that easy. In fact, most of the time that stuff takes a lot of hard work and a lot of trial and error.

Good news. There is a science called Behavioral Economics.  This attempts to understand people’s day to day decisions (where do I get my morning coffee?) and people’s big decisions (How much should I save for retirement?).

Understanding HOW your users make decisions and WHY they make them is powerful. With this knowledge, companies can build more effective products, governments can create impactful policies and new ideas can gain faster traction.

Sessions include “How to get people to pay what they want,” and “The creation and role of habits in purchasing decisions,” etc.