1. One implication of a theory I have written about before is that a best of 5 set match confers a greater advantage on the stronger player than a best of 3 set match.  (The basic idea is that the 5 sets gives the stronger player more flexibility in timing his bursts of effort.)  Here are some data that would shed light: compare men’s versus women’s  Grand Slam matches in terms of the probability that a higher-seeded player will win.  Even better:  divide the data into non-Grand Slam and Grand Slam matches. Ask how much more likely a higher-seeded player wins a Grand Slam match versus a non-Grand Slam match.  Do this for both women and men.  Then do the difference-in-differences.  This gives you a nice control because women play 3 sets whether its a Grand Slam or not. Men play 5 sets in Grand Slams and 3 sets in almost all non-Grand-Slam events.
  2. Four Grand Slams, only three surfaces.  It’s time the US Open switched to ice.  (with skates.)