Scrabble point revaluation in the works?

“Za,” “qi” and “zzz” were added recently to the game’s official word list for its original English-language edition. Because Z’s and Q’s each have the game’s highest point value of 10, those monosyllabic words can rack up big scores for relatively little effort. So now that those high-scoring letters are more versatile, some Scrabble aficionados would like to see the rules changed — which would be the only change since Alfred Butts popularized the game in 1948.

Let’s kill two birds with one stone.  Eliminate the role of chance in scrabble by having players buy their letters rather than draw them at random.  Whenever a player needs to replenish his tiles, a tile is turned over and put up for auction.  Players bid for the tile with points.  A player who already has seven tiles who wins the auction selects one of his tiles to replace and puts that tile up for auction. This continues until all players have seven tiles.

This removes chance from the game and also eliminates the need to revalue the tiles because that will be taken care of endogenously by competitive bidding.

Update:  Free Exchange at makes fun of me.