Highland Park is very chi-chi and let’s face it, white.  Then, you go a little further north and you enter an ethnic enclave which is less Cartier and Prada.  It’s nice.  There’s a fair there in the summer, lots of nice little restaurants with near-Highland Park prices.  My favorite so far is Casa de Isaac. (I still have to try the Curry Hut.)  It’s the only Jewish Mexican restaurant I have ever heard of.  They open sundown on Saturday and are closed Friday night.  Apart from that, there is so discernible Jewish influence.  In fact, one of my Israeli friends thinks the whole thing is a big marketing ploy to differentiate it from other closeby establishments!  We had chilaquiles – one red and spicy, the other green and tangy.  Both were delicious.  And we got to watch Aston Villa vs Tottenham Hotspur on the T.V.  It was great.