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Step 1: The 41-year-old should begin by having his first child when he is 32.

Step 2: when the child is 6 she should begin taking piano lessons.

Step 3: the 41-year-old’s mother should consistently beat him at golf.

Step 4: At age 39, notice that you can hit the ball twice as far as your mother and therefore there is no good reason she should always win. Notice that as long as your ball is always closer to the hole than your mother’s you will win.

Step 5: Use this strategy to actually beat your mother at golf for the first time.

Step 6: Notice that the same strategy applies to playing the piano vis a vis the now 7-year-old daughter.

Step 7: Begin attending daughter’s piano lessons and learning all of her pieces with the plan that you will always be a better pianist than her, even when she is a concert-playing professional.

Step 8: Around age 40 notice that this is going a little slowly and so its time to start learning some serious pieces.

Step 9: At age 41, learn to play Children’s Song #6 by Chick Corea.

It’s not very good. My hands get tired toward the end of the fast sections and you can see that I lose the rhythm a bit. Also I am rushing. (still ahead of my daughter though 🙂

I have never taken piano lessons, but I think I might start.


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