1. Talking about inlaws with your spouse is a minefield of higher-order beliefs that its really just veiled criticism of those traits of your spouse that have yet to assimilate into the relationship.
  2. Kids love to play games with grownups in large part because they infer that if the grownup is playing then the game must be super fun.  The problem is that games for kids are usually boring for grownups.  So someone should invent a game where there are effectively two sets of rules.  The simple kids rules and the more subtle rules for grownups.  Think of Pixar movies with inside jokes aimed over the heads of kids and at the adults.
  3. We have recently discovered a great exception to the boring-for-grownups rule for games.  Its called Escape:  The Curse of the Temple.  Highly recommended.
  4. On Economics Job Market Rumors the only threads worth reading are the ones that have many Likes and also many Dislikes.  Its gotta have both.
  5. When you send out emails pitching your students to departments that are hiring, you recycle the text but cut and paste the name of the recipient and the department to customize the email. When you send it to, say LRMU, address it to Harvard pretending it was a cut-and-paste omission.
  6. Someone should collect data on coughing in concert halls over time.  I hypothesize that they are clustered rather than uniformly distributed.  (There’s a simple theory behind it.)