1. How many Connect Four game pieces can be missing without affecting the outcome? (ht: Adriana LLeras-Muney)
  2. I want reverse autocorrect:  if I receive a nonsense message on my phone I want to be able to highlight any word and get a list of the most likely typos that would have been autocorrected into that word.
  3. I have never seen a Singaporean restaurant in the United States.  I have never seen Laksa in the United States.  I don’t understand this.
  4. When a plumber or other fixit guy comes, you will almost always want to call him back a few days later to make some minor adjustments, or fix something they forgot to, or to ask them some questions.  But the second visit will cost you.  So when they are there the first time, steal one of their tools.  Then call them back a few days later and tell them they left something behind and they can come pick it up.