Ba Le is well known – I found out about it from Check Please of all places. Despite it’s fame, lines are short and service is fast.  The location in Uptown makes it a little out of the way I guess.

The shop mainly sells Vietnamese Bahn’ Mi sandwiches so if you are looking for Pho you’ll have to find somewhere else on Argyll Street.  We’ve gotten the Vegetarian, Chicken and BBQ Pork  bahn’ mi – all were good and popular even with the kids.  The spring rolls from the fridge are also very good.  The hot appetizers should be avoided. The smoothies aren’t so great either.  There is a large choice of Vietnamese desserts, various combinations of beans, corn and tapioco in coconut milk.  I’ve had some I loved and some I hated but I can never remember which ones were good!  I still make the longish drive from Evanston so by revealed preference the good outweighs the bad, especially now I’ve learned what to avoid.