This year’s votes in the Kellogg/NU poll:
Last year’s Kellogg/NU poll predicted the winner of the 2010 prize, if you decoded its message carefully.  It seemed there was “inside information”.   I am having a harder time this year. There are a large number of I.O. economists at Kellogg/NU.  But, even given that, Tirole garners a huge number of this reflecting inside information or bias?  Another dramatic change is the increase in votes for econometricians – Hausman, White, Hansen and Manski.  This seem the closest to inside information so maybe this predicts an econometrics prize. My personal favorite is Robert Wilson.  I have always loved his research and leadership.  I also played Diplomacy at his home when I attended SITE once during grad school.  This makes him my intellectual and sentimental choice.   A prize for him perhaps joint with Kreps, Holmstrom and/or Milgrom would be great.  If that does not work out, if Bob Weber and I split the prize, that would be fine with me.