1. “I have given up. Letters have gone to both referees requesting the return of your manuscript to this office right away. I hope to God I can have better luck with the next people. I don’t know whether this is a matter of concern to you, but let me assure you that it is my intention not to publish the paper by Arrow and Debreu (which has also been submitted) before the publication of your paper (if both are found acceptable). I think this would only be fair to you.” Econometrica Editor Robert Strotz’ 1953 letter to Lionel McKenzie on his existence proof for general equilibrium
  2. I had a fun conversation over dinner with Alessandro Lizzeri (outgoing AER coeditor) at the 2011 Winter Meetings in Denver. He had a fine insight about the economics graduate education: Economics grad students start out learning the classics in first year, absorb the stock of highlights from the last ten years in second year, and then start coming to field seminars, seeing the quasi-shitty flow of marginal new ideas … and we wonder why they are jaded.
  3. “Wanna see who lives in Einstein’s House now? Visit Princeton on Hallowe’en night ….. the current genius, Dr. Eric Maskin dresses up like Einstein and gives treats out to Princeton kids.”