What would you believe in the face of the unbelievable?  For example, how would you react if you discover suddenly that you can fly.  Before today flying was impossible, but now you can do it.  Something you were convinced of is wrong and you have to decide whether it’s that you can’t fly or that you are not prone to hallucinations.

In fact you already know how you would react, because it happens in your dreams.  Have you ever dreamed you could fly?  If so, did you infer that you must be dreaming?  Some do, and then wake up.  (Poor them.)  Others just go on flying.

Are you irrational to believe you can fly?

Maybe you aren’t fooled by flying dreams or maybe you’ve never dreamed of flying.  But crazy things happen in everybody’s dreams.  What is the craziest thing that happened in your dreams that you nevertheless accepted as the way the world must work since after all it’s happening right before your eyes?