The phamily kind.  Let’s say you are hiding something from your husband.  For example, let’s say that you are trying to teach your husband a lesson about putting things “in their right place” and you hide his newly-arrived tomato seeds.  Its time to germinate them indoors to be ready for a mid-May transplanting and he comes to you and says

H:  I found the seeds.

Y:  You did?

H:  Yep.  Were they there all the time? I am sure I looked there.

Y:  I thought you would have.  That’s where you always put stuff.  You never put stuff in the right place.

H:  I always put stuff there?  Like what?

Y:  Like remember you put X and Y and Z there and I couldn’t find them?

H:  Ahh yes, X, Y and Z, I remember them well.  Thanks for telling me where my tomato seeds are.