I see 036this:

This proves it is over a urinal:


I wonder if this is the wave of the future.  You can Tivo through the commercials on TV.  You’re pretty trapped when you’re peeing whether you are a man or a woman.  Someone  is going to come up with paid ads to put in these places, you mark my words.

Anyway, at Kellogg, this form of advertising is mainly used for lectures and parties.  As urinals provide such a convenient location I was wondering if and how my talk was being advertised in the women’s restrooms.  Having left my dress and wig at home, I recruited a surprised female helper.  She guarded the door while I went into one restroom.  As I suspected, my talk as not advertised near the wash basins.  My helper told me to look in the stall.  She was right – there was a p0ster but it was this one:


I was advertised in another restroom though.  I chickened out and my female helper (she wants to be anonymous but her name begins with P), went in and saw some posters.

With this sample of advertising, I believed that norming for Kellogg student intake, there would be more men than women at my talk.  Also, P said she thought there were fewer women’s restrooms than men’s.  P said I should take a photo at the talk too, too verify my hypothesis.  I was too nervous and I forgot.  My memory is that my simple theory was right.