You are late with a report and its not ready.  Do you wrap it up and submit it or keep working until its ready?  The longer it takes you the higher standard it will be judged by.  Because if you needed the extra time it must be because its going to be extra good.

For some people the speed at which they come up with good ideas outpaces these rising expectations.  Others are too slow.  But its the fast ones who tend to be late.  Because although expectations will be raised they will exceed those.  The slow ones have to be early otherwise the wedge between expectations and their performance will explode and they will never find a good time to stop.

Compare Apple and Sony.  Sony comes out with a new product every day.  And they are never expected to be a big deal.  Every single Apple release is a big deal.  And highly anticipated.  We knew Apple was working on a phone more than a year before the iPhone.  It was known that tablet designs had been considered for years before the iPad.  With every leak and every rumor that Steve Jobs was not yet happy, expectations were raised for whatever would eventually make it through that filter.

Dear TE referees.  Nobody is paying attention to how late you are.