When you learn to snowboard you make a commitment before you begin whether you will ride regular or “goofy.”  Goofy means you place your right foot in front.  As the name suggests, goofy footers are the minority.  Since snowboard bindings must be fixed in place for regular or goofy foot, somebody who doesn’t know whether they are goofy will more likely start out regular (because its the best guess and because most rental boards will be setup for regular foot.)  Even if they are naturally goofy, once they invested a day learning, they are unlikely to switch and try it out and so may never know.

A surfboard is foot-neutral.  Anybody can ride any given surfboard whether they are regular or goofy.  And jumping up on a surfboard for the first time happens so fast that you have no time to even think which foot is going forward.  So a surfer is very likely to find his natural footing early on, unless he learned to snowboard already in which case he will naturally jump to the footing he is used to.

We should be able to see the effect of this by comparing a regular-foot snowboarder who first learned to surf with a regular-foot surfer who first learned to snowboard.  The first guy is going to be better at snowboarding than the second guy is at surfing.

What will be the comparison for goofies?