I am very, very interested in studying one particular one: 18,000 bottles from the cellar of La Tour d’Argent are being auctioned off.  It’s their first auction since the restaurant started in 1582.  They are going through some tough times but:

Adversity is nothing new to La Tour d’Argent, which was pillaged in 1789 during the French Revolution. In the late 1980s, the wine cellar was flooded by the Seine River. And it was plundered in World War II, when the Nazis occupied the city.

The top wine is

a bottle of Corton, a red Burgundy, vintage 1895, its label blurred with mold and its price estimated at 1,000 ($1,488) to 1,200 euros ($1,786) .

The whole list is here. No “star” wines are being sold buy maybe that means there are bargains. It’s better to focus on wines that under the radar.  If you still get excited and overbid, at least you can drink away your sorrow.