Typically I would guess Wall Street, consulting or a start-up in Silicon Valley.  That’s kind of how Ayr Nuir started off too.  Now, he has a new start-up, one that will likely improve my life for the better every day I am at MIT  – the Clover food truck.  I had the chickpea fritter and the fries.  They were excellent.  My companion, Jim Snyder, who in fact gave me this valuable local information, was very happy with his egg and eggplant sandwich.

Nuir is putting his degrees to good use.  They appear to be estimating demand every day.  There’s some iPhone based ordering and tracking technology that updates sales figures every day.  And they have a great marketing/information dissemination system via their website.   So, they make it into the media.  Hopefully, a Kellogg student will do something similar by the time I have to return.