He tottered over to the thermostat and there it was: treachery. Despite a long-fought household compromise standard of 74 degrees, someone — Adler’s suspicions instantly centered on his wife — had nudged the temperature up to 78.

For the sleepy freelance writer, it was time to set things right . . . right at 65 degrees. “I just kept pushing that down arrow,” he said of his midnight retaliation. “It was a defensive maneuver.”

The article suggests that women generally prefer higher thermostat settings than men.  (It is the opposite in my household.) The focus is on air conditioning in the summer and I wonder whether this ranking reverses in the winter.  (My wife prefers more moderate temperatures:  cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter. )

Repeated game exam question:  will this make the climate wars better or worse? Give your answers and reasons in the comments. Ushanka Shake: Knowledge Problem.