kwik, serv, kleen, EZ, FasTrak, thru, etc.

There are certain words in certain contexts that Americans purposefully misspell in a way that is half ingratiating, half condescending.  I am not talking about txting where the purpose of the misspelling is to economize on characters.  Instead these words are usually associated with low-end commercial products and the misspellings predate the internet.

Here’s what you get when you search google maps for the word “kwik” (and you happen to be in Stony Brook, NY.) My favorite:  Kwik Ezee.

It has always fascinated me.  There seems to be a common theme.  It is not a movement toward phonetic spelling.  Is it an attempt to be kool?  Is it a way of saying “Come to KwikiMart and get your Cheezits.  And don’t worry we won’t judge you for it, hey, we can’t even spell!!”  The letter k apparently has a special attraction.

Sandeep says that this doesn’t happen in Britain and I believe him, but here is a google maps search that says otherwise.

Does this happen in your language?  Is your language phonetically challenged like English?  What’s your theory of kwaint misspellings?  Any good examples (English or otherwise)?