Not a weird animal from a dream but a vegetarian restaurant in Chicago.  It’s actually a green tomato, a favorite of farmers’ markets.  As the name suggests, the food is meant to be seasonal just like the tomato.  Thankfully, the weather has finally improved over the last few weeks and some semi-decent produce is actually available in the Midwest.  When we’ve been before, there’s been the odd miss but not yesterday – all the eleven plates we shared were excellent.  I’m going to attempt to make the feta marinated in chili sauce – why didn’t I think of that before?  The American popover is somehow related to the Yorkshire pudding – hadn’t realized that either.  And I’m going to grill sliced fennel!  I won’t be able to reproduce the presentations but hopefully the taste will come through.

If you’re ever coming through Chicago, you should try this restaurant, even if you’re not a vegetarian.  They serve really original, tasty food.