I am staying in Brooklyn over spring break. There is a certain Brooklyn look. I can’t put my finger on it but it seems to have some common elements: Only browns, dark blue and, of course, black clothing allowed. Jeans have to be skinny and cannot be stonewashed or comfortable. Shirts have to a little too tight and hair has to look greasy. A five day beard is ubiquitous for men. I fit in except I like my clothes loose fitting to accomodate my girth. Also, I lack the final piece of the Brooklyn outfit – a dog. Owners are allowed to release their suppressed color choices on their dogs which often sport an orange or red sweater.

Apart from the dogs, there is much to like here. We could not get into Chuko so we ended up in Zaytoons. The bread is spectacular and the food is quite good though a tad below the high standard set by Semiramis back home. But opposite Zaytoons is Mecca: the Ample Hills Creamery. One child insisted on dessert so we went in even though the rest us were exhausted. What a find – well, it was a find to us even if it’s well known in NYC. We had scoops of maple bacon, pistachio-squared, honey graham and honey snickerdoodle ice cream. Sometimes food brings you closer to God. This was such a case. We want to be closer to Her every day. We are planning a daily visit. We’ll be zealots by Friday when we leave.