According to AP, the Romney campaign is using data mining firm to identify donors:

The head of Buxton Co. of Fort Worth, Texas, chief executive Tom Buxton, confirmed to the AP his company’s efforts, which help Romney identify potentially wealthy and previously untapped Republican donors across the country…..

An early test analyzed details of more than 2 million households near San Francisco and elsewhere on the West Coast and identified thousands of people who would be comfortably able and inclined to give Romney at least $2,500 or more.

An AP analysis this week determined that Romney’s campaign has made impressive inroads into even traditionally Democratic neighborhoods, collecting more than $350,000 this summer around San Francisco in contributions that averaged $400 each.

NEW Republication donors are likely to be lower willingness to pay than donors who have consistently given in the past.  So, Romney would have to get high volume to make this matter.

I haven’t seen anyone reporting of a similar effort to identify new donors by the Obama campaign.  They are facing declining demand relative to 2008.  They should be giving discounts to their old donors to generate $$s.  As yet, I couldn’t find a sale on their store website.