1. Nobody ever loses for being too slow to do what Simon says.
  2. One argument against any “Privacy Bill of Rights:”  If private entities have unfettered rights to use your (voluntarily relinquished) private data then that guarantees the government can’t monopolize it.
  3. Can you tell what language someone speaks if you only hear them laugh?
  4. I need dry erase markers in burgundy, grey, aquamarine, etc.  It says something about academics’ total lack of style that they are always red, green, blue, black. 
  5. I saw the 2011 The Three Musketeers on a plane.  So that we would understand they were French the characters spoke with British accents. Except d’Artagnon who spoke like a Yankee. This is a general phenomenon where to an American movie audience British accent=any historical non American squares or evil geniuses.
  6. Look at what google Ngram gives for ‘2001.’  Peaks at the turn of three centuries.  Think you know why?  Well now look at 2002, 2003, 2004, etc. The effect fades out at about 2020. Best theory gets a prize.