The schedule of compensation for postal workers suffering the loss of various body parts:

Compensation Schedule:
The following is a table which shows the number of weeks payable for each schedule member if the loss or loss of use of the function or part of the body is total:

Member Weeks ( x your pay) Member Weeks ( x your pay)
Arm 312 Loss of hearing – monaural 52
Leg 288 Loss of hearing – binaural 200
Hand 244 Breast 52
Foot 205 Kidney 156
Eye 160 Larynx 160
Thumb 75 Lung 156
First finger 46 Penis 205
Great toe 38 Testicle 52
Second finger 30 Tongue 160
Third finger 25 Ovary (including Fallopian Tube) 52
Toe other than great toe 16 Uterus/cervix 205
Fourth finger 15 Vulva/vagina 205

Compensation for loss of binocular vision or for loss of 80 percent or more of the vision of an eye is the same as for loss of the eye. The degree of loss of vision or hearing for a schedule award is determined without regard to correction; that is, improvements obtainable with use of eyeglasses and hearing aids are not considered in establishing the percentage of impairment.

The source is here.  Finally you know what it is that costs an arm and a leg.  12 testicles.

(Mortarboard mash:  Adriana Lleras-Muney)