Not 100% sure this is real.  Here’s his blurb for Miss Timmins School for Girls by Nayana Currimbhoy:

“Beautifully written, atmospheric…contains entire worlds.  I couldn’t put it down.”
—Gary Shteyngart

And Flatscreen by Adam Wilson:

“OMFG, I nearly up and died from laughter when I read Flatscreen. This is the novel that every young turk will be reading on their way to a job they hate and are in fact too smart for.”
—Gary Shteyngart

He even blurbs his own blurb:

“Gary Shteyngart’s blurbs are touching, funny, and true.  This is a blurber to watch”

Here’s some blurb-related research I’d like to see.  There is a widespread suspicion that editors write the blurbs and the blurber just agrees to sign his name to it.  It would be great to use text-pattern-recognition software to group blurbs according to apparent authorship and check whether this is really true.