The Steelers have a five point lead, the ball and there are two minutes to go.  The Jets started slow but are breathing down their necks.  Should they run the ball or throw it?

Running the ball is the safe option.  Pretty much the only way the Jets can win is if they intercept the ball, get possession and score a touchdown. There is less chance of that happening if the Steelers run the ball.   The downside is that the Jets are expecting this strategy and are prepared for it.  Throwing the ball has the advantage of surprise and so:

With two minutes remaining and Pittsburgh clinging to a five-point lead facing third-and-6 from the New York Jets’ 40-yard line, Tomlin walked over to his offensive coaches and said in so many words, “We’re playing to win, throw the ball.”

And they got the advantage of surprise:

Heck Ryan, himself a guy who is never afraid to announce his presence, was shocked at what he saw as the Steelers came to the line in a five-receiver, shotgun formation.

“I was actually shocked they didn’t run the football,” Ryan said…. “They spread us out and … I actually expected them to run a quarterback draw there.”