Just as I get ready to head back to Evanston, I find a great coffee shop for work near MIT!

I like Crema Coffee in Harvard Square for its coffee and even its food.  Unfortunately, it’s too crowded and noisy for work.  1369 Coffee House is a little better for work but the products are worse.  And both branches, Central and Inman Square, are a bit cramped.  But a few blocks south of Central Square I found Andala Coffee House.  There’s table service, so the prices are a bit higher than you might expect.  The mint tea and hummus were well worth the extra few bucks.  There’s an outside patio, a porch that sticks out over the street and, as you come in, a large room with lots of windows.  It was a little chilly to sit outside and the porch was full so I had to settle for the large room.  It was fine.  The music is mellow and there is some quiet, pleasant chatter in the background.  I worked for two hours at high concentration and left regretting I had not found Andala earlier.  I’ll be back often over the next couple of weeks.