A primer in the New York Times.

Kit is a freegan. He maintains that our society wastes far too much. Freeganism is a bubbling stew of various ideologies, drawing on elements of communism, radical environmentalism, a zealous do-it-yourself work ethic and an old-fashioned frugality of the sock-darning sort. Freegans are not revolutionaries. Rather, they aim to challenge the status quo by their lifestyle choices. Above all, freegans are dedicated to salvaging what others waste and — when possible — living without the use of currency. “I really dislike spending money,” Kit told me. “It doesn’t feel natural.”

Its kinda like composting as a lifestyle, only with someone else’s waste and instead of making fertilizer you either eat it or live in it.  An entertaining read from start to finish with cameos by roadkill, frozen toilets and even property rights.