Via kottke, an argument against children’s menus in restaurants:

Nicola Marzovilla runs a business, so when a client at his Gramercy Park restaurant, I Trulli, asks for a children’s menu, he does not say what he really thinks. What he says is, “I’m sure we can find something on the menu your child will like.” What he thinks is, “Children’s menus are the death of civilization.”

I would guess that many parents would appreciate the removal of the child’s menus even if they aren’t worried about its implications for the fate of civilization.  At home the kids know what’s in the pantry and if one of the parents is not prepared to make the children starve, they quickly learn to gag and choke on the fava beans to get to the mac-n-cheese (organic!)

If the restaurant has no children’s menu then this strategy is cut from the feasible set.  The parents are effectively committed to make the child starve if she tries it.  With that commitment in place, the child’s best response is to find something on the menu she will like and eat it.