As my wife will tell you, I hate clutter.  Stuff that’s lying around I either put to use or throw away.  Stray thoughts get the treatment today.

  1. Have the wasps in my neighborhood learned that the smell of citronella is actually a surefire signal that there’s something good nearby?
  2. I thank mother Earth for her two hemispheres as I enjoy this persimmon from Chile.
  3. Can the drunks’ favorite poker game, Indian, be solved like the dirty faces or other those common-knowledge puzzles?
  4. Classical field theory is doing physics by revealed preference.
  5. The reason it is so boring watching the Williams’ sisters in a grand slam final is that you either like both or hate both.  Either way there’s nothing to root for.
  6. Is it pure coincidence that the Risk, Uncertainty and Decision Conference is on the exact same day as the Behavioral Economics Summer School two years in a row?
  7. Johnny Rotten is the perfection of Bob Dylan’s vocal style.
  8. How well do prediction markets forecast American Idol winners? Completely decentralized information, short time-horizon, shouldn’t this be an ideal test case?