Since I was never really sure myself, whenever I thought of a good reason to keep blogging I wrote it down.  I have a pretty large collection now.  Here’s a few.

  1. writing is exercise just like jogging is and yoga is
  2. i have a hard time coming up with topics of conversation.  i am a total loser at parties.  now i can slip away, break out my iPhone, go to the blog and remember what i blogged about last week.  instant conversation topic.  now i am even more of a loser at parties.
  3. people live at different tempos.  mine is slow.
  4. its good practice at being imperfect.
  5. it sharpens my thinking all day long because i am always on the alert for interesting things to blog about
  6. procrastinating writing my novel (so far I have a title:  Banana Seeds)
  7. To get gigs

There are lots more.  I will post more later.