Telephone is a kids’ game where the children sit in a circle and pass around a message by whispering in the neighbor’s ear.  The game is to see how garbled the message gets by the time it makes it all the way around the circle.  My 21st century version of telephone is played solitaire, using Google Translate.

  1. No, the only option at this point is to tackle her, landing you both deep in the snow
  2. (English -> French) Non, la seule option possible à ce point est à sa face, vous êtes tous deux d’atterrissage dans la neige
  3. (French -> Italian) No, l’unica opzione a questo punto è sul suo volto, si sono entrambi di atterraggio in mezzo alla neve
  4. (Italian -> Spanish) No, la única opción en este momento está en su cara, han de aterrizaje en la nieve
  5. (Spanish -> Chinese) 沒有,唯一的選擇在這個時候是你的臉,已經降落在雪地裡
  6. (Chinese -> Estonian) Ei, ainus võimalus sel ajal on oma nägu, on lossitud lumi
  7. (Estonian -> Afrikaans) Nee, die enigste opsie is op die oomblik is op jou gesig, dit geland in die sneeu
  8. (Afrikaans -> Turkish) Hayır, şu anda tek seçenek in your face, bu kar indi
  9. (Turkish -> English) No, currently the only option in your face, the snow fell

Hilarity ensues!  (As usual, one of the kids seems to be sabatoging the game.  Here we can see that it is the child translating from Afrikaans to Turkish.)