1. Basque Separatist Group E.T.A.:

More crucial than its theoretical debates, however, was its commitment to a particular model of armed action, which remains dominant today.  This is the “spiral of action-repression-action,” which operates along the following lines: 1) ETA carries out a provocative violent action against the political system; 2) the system responds with repression against “the masses”; 3) the masses respond with a mixture of panic and rebellion, Paddy Woodsworth, World Policy Journal.

2. Brazilian Terrorist Group, ALN:

The rebellion of the urban guerrilla and his persistance in intervening in political questions is the best way of insuring popular support for the cause which we defend. We repeat and insist on repeating–it is the way of insuring popular support. As soon as a reasonable portion of the population begins to take seriously the actions of the urban guerrilla, his success is guaranteed.
The government has no alternative except to intensify its repression. The police networks, house searches, the arrest of suspects and innocent persons, and the closing off of streets
make life in the city unbearable. The military dictatorship embarks on massive political persecution. Political assassinations and police terror become routine.

In spite of all this, the police systematically fail. The armed forces, the navy and the air force are mobilized to undertake routine police functions, but even so they can find no way
to halt guerrilla operations or to wipe out the revolutionary organization, with its fragmented groups that move around and operate throughout the country. The people refuse to collaborate with the government, and the general sentiment is that this government is unjust, incapable of solving problems, and that it resorts simply to the physical liquidation of its opponents. The political situation in the country is transformed
into a military situation in which the “gorillas” appear more and more to be the ones responsible for violence, while the lives of the people grow worse, Carlos Marighella, MiniManual of the Urban Guerrilla.

3. Al Qaeda strategy:

Force America to abandon its war against Islam by proxy and force it to attack directly so that the noble ones among the masses….will see that their fear of deposing the regimes because America is their protector is misplaced and that when they depose the regimes, they are capable of opposing America if it interferes. Abu Bakr Naji, The Management of Savagery (  p. 24)