In an article about their famous restaurant surveys, Nina and Tim Zagat write

Over the years that we’ve spent surveying hundreds of thousands of diners, one fact becomes clear: Service is *the* weak link in the restaurant industry. How do we know? Roughly 70% of all complaints we receive relate to service. Collectively, complaints about food prices, noise, crowding, smoking, and even parking make up only 30%. Moreover, the average rating for food on our 30-point scale is usually two points higher than the average rating for service. Given the fact that identical people are voting, and that there are hundreds of thousands of them, this deficit is dramatic.

They go on to give some advice to the restaurant industry for improving service.  But don’t these results say that in fact we don’t care about service?  They show that we choose the restaurants with good food despite their bad service.  Sure we complain about the service, other things equal who doesn’t want better service.  But we can live with bad service if we get good food.