I went to Boston a few weeks ago and had dinner with an old friend and his family.  This friend is an economist but, apart from that, we could not be more different.   But he and I share one thing in common: we love Top Chef!  His family just discovered the show and watched all the seasons over the last few months.  I’m clearly more TV-centered because I’ve watched it for years.  Anyway, we’re all in withdrawal as the show is over this season.

So, I can’t help but notice references to it.  One Top Chef contestant was cooking at the Obama family Easter egg roll.  Others seems to be doing well with their own restaurants in NYC.  The host Tom Colicchio lives in a cool apartment witha small kitchen.  Our own Chicagoan Dale Levitski is cooking up a special dinner every Thursday at the Relax Lounge.  And Stephanie Izzard is so famous that she was on the Interview Show before Jeff and me.

Like my friend, I think my wife and I are going to reproduce Top Chef at home with two parent-kid teams facing off.  All we have to find are some judges.