Correlation is not causation but for anyone looking for an excuse, this study should be enough to get them guzzling wine if not beer.  It says drinking wine in moderation adds five years to your life while beer adds 2.5.  People who don’t drink die young.

Have not read the study but it reminds me of the fact that married men make more than men who never marry at all.  Does marriage make men more productive?  Does alcohol prolong life or is there another explanation?

The marriage counter-theory is easy: men who never marry on average do not have the social skills to do better at work.  On the alcohol front, people who drink wine are on average wealthier than ones who drink beer.  The rich have a healthier lifestyle, better medical care, cushier jobs etc.  The study took place in Holland.  The beer is great, much of it brought over from Belgium.  Someone who does not drink this quality of beer and avoids alcohol all together has to be really, really antisocial and weird.  Sad and lonely, they die young.  Weak story at the end but best I can do while teaching.