I am attending the Third Ravello workshop on The Economics of Coordination and Communication.The workshop has brought together micro, applied micro, macro and finance researchers unified by the research theme. I presented  a paper offering  a theory of the firm based on coordination. Salvatore Piccolo presented a paper on information sharing, joint work with Marco Pagnozzi. Christian Hellwig had a theory of bubbles based on heterogeneous beliefs but generated from a common prior. There are many theoretical and empirical papers on networks, by Sanjeev Goyal, Yves Zenou, Luigo Pistaferri and others.

There are many young Italian researchers and PhD students and the idea is partly to introduce them to contemporary research. I enjoyed the way the conference is organized around a theme (coordination) rather than  afunctional specialty (theory, IO etc.). I got to see interesting papers that I would not normally see at the conferences and seminars I attend.

I went to a conference in Capri organized a few years ago and was very keen to come to this one. I was not disappointed. The location is spectacular. Ravello is perched on top of a mountain overlooking Amalfi. The food is quite good. As Ravello is quite hard to get to, we ourselves are the main tourist horde so the atmosphere is quite mellow. I hope I am invited again!