I’m revisiting old haunts to try to get back into my Chicago equilibrium.  Today, I ended up at Nazareth Sweets to pick up baklava for a party tonight.  An assortment of 40-50 sets you back, wait for it……..$14!  The pricing is the opposite of Pasticceria Natalina.

I am worried abut the calorific content but luckily it’s far enough from Evanston that I do not end up there too often.  I love the walnut baklava and the bamya. The knaffeh is repulsive in my opinion.  At the risk of causing an uproar, I somewhat concur with an earlier post of Jeff’s on Asian desserts as far as his point extends to knaffeh from the Middle East.  Anyway, it is always good to buy some knaffeh – have some after one piece of walnut baklava so it grosses you out and you don’t eat any more dessert.