Loosely based on a meal we had at Rendezvous in Central Square, Cambridge.  Everyone loved it and I’ll definitely make it again.

Brocoletti are less bitter than Broccoli Rabe and I bought them on whim at Whole Foods because they were on sale.  Stir fry them with a little garlic.  Stir in cannellini beans when the broccoletti are crisp and green.  Make a garlic broth by boiling up bruised garlic in salted water.  I made too little – next time I’ll make four cups.

Cook the orecchiete till they are al dente – take a minute off the cooking time.  Meanwhile, toast panko breadcrumbs in a frying pan (no oil needed).   Put the breadcrumbs aside and lightly grease the same pan.  Stir fry the drained orecchiete in the pan.  They should get crispy at the edges.  I didn’t grease the pan enough and we ended up with a thin layer of toasted pasta that stuck to the bottom  – it was delicious!  Mix up everything, grate on the parmesan and you’re done.  Chewy pasta, coated with breadcrumbs in a garlicky broth with crisp broccoletti and beans.  Yummy.

Needs around four pans but it’s actually pretty easy and can be done in 30 minutes.  Guilt someone else into doing the washing up because you did all the cooking.