Gave a lunchtime talk at MIT today and was exhausted by 4 pm or so by rush of adrenalin leaving the bloodstream.  Had to re-energize.  What could be better than the take-out counterpart to the Oleana empire, Sofra Bakery?  Yummy flatbreads, meaty (wife had lamb) and veggy (I had spinach and three cheese).  Lots of mezzes, including feta with hot peppers, beet tzatziki, bean and walnut pate.  Great cheese borek which, unfortunately, by annoying kids were too picky to eat.   Wish it was on my way to work as they also have great breakfast.  If only Cambridge schools were less random, so we could have settled here.  But, looking on the bright side, we have Clear Flour Bread in Brookline.  And that’s a HUGE positive.