Never got the big deal about falafel?  Isn’t one pretty much like another?

I thought so till I saw inducted into the finer distinctions between good and bad falafel by Israeli friends.  I know they agree with me that the Falafel Special at Semiramis falls into the good category.  It has a lovely harrisa sauce and pickles.  But the falafel is so good it can stand up to the condiments.  I’ve also been tutored on hummus and, to my palette, the version here is not the best I’ve had.  But the Ful is delicious and my wife and friends swear by the Chicken Kabob.  After your meal,  stop by Nazareth Sweets opposite and pick up a selection of baklava to go.  They look at you suspiciously, as if you might be FBI agents trying to track down Al Qaeda sympathizers.  They serve you anyway.