I’ve had a couple of excellent bottles of Coltassala in the past.  Definitely had to try it again.  Came away it a bit disappointed.  It was very heavy.  Quite bitter.  May have drunk it about 10 years too early in my attempt to recreate old memories.  Its almost 100% Sangiovese.  I’ve never liked Chianti which is also Sangiovese.  I think it needs to be blended with another grape.

Whic brings me to ….Balifico which was very delicious.  It’s a Cabernet/Sangiovese blend.  Very smooth.  Lots of fruit, deep red color.

The Chianti from Castello di Volpaia is quite easy to get hold in the States.  I have found Coltassala in the past.  Hope I can get hold of Balifico somehow.

As you can guess from my earlier post, I totally love Volpaia.  Castello di Volpaia has a tasting room and what looks like a restaurant under construction.  There are at least two other places to eat, including the wonderful Bottega.  Not sure what would keep the Euros rolling in but I would love to move here.  It’s a cliche.