I got two speeding tickets in less than one year.  I worked off the first one by taking an online course.  For the second one, they make you go to an 8 hours (!) course over two nights.  The only course that fit my schedule was in Rolling Meadows.  Just like Old Orchard in Skokie, there may have been farmland there a while ago but there are no rolling meadows now.

It’s obvious that the punishment in terms of wasted time is harsh so that you do not speed again.  Your first thought is whether you can persuade the teacher to let you go early.  This desire was very strong on Thursday night when the Bulls were playing the Celtics in Game 6 of their best of seven series.  The class took place in the basement of a courthouse and it turns out the police monitor the teacher to make sure he does not let the class off early.  Of course the teacher would love to go home early too so the incentives for renegotiation are huge.  The police have to stay anyway so they enforce the rules.

So I was stuck in the class but I kind of enjoyed it because I got to meet people I do not meet everyday otherwise.  I also got lots of information that I would not gotten in my normal interactions.

The hippie woman:  “I got a ticket because I gave a ride to a Jamaican guy who turned to be a homeless  ex-convict.  I got a speeding ticket when I got scared driving him to his shelter.”

The hippie girl: “When I have fatigue, I do yoga to wake up before I drive”

The truck driver: “Go to White Castle before you drink.  The grease soaks up the beer.”

The Comcast guy:  “Ritalin is like cocaine if you don’t have ADD.  I’m taking Ritalin now so I can sit in this class without going crazy.”

Lucca, the waiter: “The strip clubs in Indiana are better than the strip clubs in Chicago.  The Indiana girls are nicer and they want dates.  Always go to a ranch style strip club.”

I’m not sure how the last comment was related to the class.