The fundamental tension between technical skills and creativity in economic theory?

Actually, no.   This is my half-remembered quote from a judge in the new “reality show” on the Food Network.  Four chefs have to cook an appetizer, a main course and a dessert using ingredients that are presented to them.   For example, these might be anchovies, jam and a lemon.  They open up the hamper with the ingredients and then have half an hour to cook something with them and anything else they find in the pantry. In each round, one contestant is “chopped” by the three judges.

On last night’s show, there was a chef from a Gordon Ramsey restaurant at the London hotel in NYC.  His food looked great, displayed great  knife skills but was safe and unadventurous.  Hence, the quote above from the judge.  The other guy who was left standing by the end was tattooed from head to toe.  He dropped meat on the floor in one round and then cooked it without washing it. And then he made a chestnut cream saboyon quesadilla for dessert.  It was too mushy looking and there was too much quesadilla.  The other guy made something generic that I can’t remember right now.

Of course, the technical guy won.  But no-one slept with him, I guess, and the tattooed guy probably got laid.  Who really won?